3 Ways to Style the May Top

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  3 Ways to Style the May Top

  • French Tuck – Inline with the midline of your bust pull the top up and tuck it into your pants. Tucking the top in like this allows the top to drape over your hips, visually elongating your legs and narrowing your waist


  • Side Tuck – By pulling the edge of the top up and tucking it in on one side showing an asymmetrical look. Elongating your leg and slicing and dicing your body covering your stomach and your bottom just a touch.


  • Twist and Tuck - Pull your top forward, up over your hips. Then pull the edge of the top out to the side inline with your bust twist the tail of the top tightly, like you’re wringing out a wet towel. Then tuck the tail of the twist up under your bra. Adjust the rouging of the top until your comfortable with the look.


Tucking tops in give your body shape and definition, you can tuck your top in various different ways to complement your body type.

Exploring ways to tuck your top in takes a little practice, trial and error but be patient and don’t give up.  

Anyone any age and any body shape can tuck tops in. In this video Vikki is a size 18, wears the size XL in the Dawn Pants and the Free Size in the May top.


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